" A message From My Wife" Dust off that Crown

Isaiah 62:3 

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God. 

 This morning I had some alone time with God, and I admit I haven't done that in a while. These past few weeks for me have been challenging at the very least. So much so that I allowed these challenges to consume me, to take up room in my thoughts, to waste all my time. The challenges of day to day life, finances, new job, health issues, marriage, difficult people, can bring about an unhealthy stress that takes precedent over what is really important. I found myself so angry, mean, and bitter. Every one who came across my path annoyed me.

One thing I learned from my parents at a young age is, if you think you can go through a day successfully with out any kind of fellowship with God the father you are mistaken. I have been driving on E for so long I didn't even realize I was getting no where. I hit such a low point, because I didn't tap into the resource that's available to me. In fellowship with God, we are able to take ahold of his peace, his joy, his power. Lack of communication with the Father causes us to forget who we are in him. I am royalty. I am a daughter of the most high king. Because of who HE is, I am able to take hold of who I am. Yes, I am a Queen. I am made righteous and whole in him, I have favor. I have a lighter load.  I have full access to his power and might. 

I must admit my crown was getting dusty. I lost site of who I am. Women of God, sometimes we lose site of who we are because we are so distracted by everything and everyone else around us. Our confidence is less, our fuse is shorter, we act in ways a woman of royalty should not act. So dust off that crown, you are God's hand picked maiden. Tap into the blessings he has for you Queen. 



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