"Am I a Christian?"

As I was headed to the airport this morning I started listening to a sermon from Steve Hill. His sermon was titled "Am I a christian?", it really lead me to believe that nearly everyone asks themselves this question at one point or another in their life, I know I have.  But when you dig deeper you have to think about why that question even arose in your head. 
The Bible says in John 10:10 that the devil comes to Kill, steal and destroy... and this can't be more true. It seems as though every time I begin to build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ something "bad" happens. 
I've have noticed that since I was a baby the devil has tried destroying every opportunity, relationship and advancement given to me simply because I am a soldier for God's kingdom and will do great things. I have been physically hurt, emotionally hurt and spiritually let down but one thing is certain, God has always been faithful to me, even in hard times. 
I frequently questioned if I was actually a christian simply because the good I wanted to do was so hard for me while the things I didn't were easy. Why is that? The answer to this question is simple; we are human and sin is part of our nature. Does this mean you are not a christian? Of course not, that's a lie straight from the devils mouth. We have been saved by grace and we as Christians need to know where we stand. Rebuke those thoughts and continue to live that #e525 life. 

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