When we persist in doing something it becomes easier. Not that the task itself becomes easier, but our ability to perform it improves. Being an #E525 man is about working hard at being a Godly man and staying focused on putting Him first. I must admit, sometimes I get too caught up in the moment in wanting to be an #E525 man that I often put my wife, work or even Christian events before God. It’s easy to get lost in your own life, It happens to the best of us, but what do you do when you realize it?

You see, everything given to us is a blessing from God and it is important to remember it; yes you work hard and earned that high paying job, but who gave you the ability to it? It’s a circle and it all comes back to Christ. Strive to be that man of God, Persist in becoming more like Christ.

I am far from a Pastor and anyone who knows me knows I am terrified of speaking in crowds, but I do have a testimony to tell, and I am doing that through this clothing line. Help me spread the word. God Bless


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