For years I have dealt with anger . Internally this feeling kept be bound in my own mental prison. I wanted others to feel my pain so I hurt the ones closest to me not realizing the damage I was causing. On the outside I acted as if nothing phased me but on the inside my insecurities and anger were eating me alive. I didn't know how to express myself with words and was frustrated no one understood me. I struggled with thought of not being good enough or not being one of the cool kids, I yearned to fit in and wanted affirmation. People always called me a little "pit bull" because I was short, stocky and aggressive and I lived up to that title, thinking putting fear in others made me socially accepted by the "cool" kids. Simply put, "hurt people hurt people!


As I grow in the Lord, I am realizing that God made me who I am and I am perfect in his eyes. Not to mention he has blessed me with a beautiful wife who loves me unconditionally. I no longer need to be that little aggressive pit bull I once was. Relationships are being restored and I finally learned how to give my insecurities to Christ. I'm not perfect but I thank the Lord for keeping his word and molding me into the #E525 man I am today.

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