Anyone who knows me knows that I love listening to music. My parents still have video footage of me trying to teach my younger brother how to dance to DC Talk when I was 8 years old, lol I thought I was so good.  But as I grew up I started realizing that music had an affect on my mind and even changed my mood. This reminds me of how David played the Lyre for Saul when he felt evil spirits in 1 Samuel 16:14-23. As Christians we should feed our spirit with things that are pleasing to the Lord. With uplifting music the demons would flea and Saul's stress would release. 
Pastor Jon Schwartz, once said something that stuck with me, "its important to get in the spirit before you get to church", I thought about this for several days and I cant agree more which is why I prep my spirit each morning with worship Music and throughout the day listen to christian hip hop.
I have had the pleasure in doing business with some of my favorite christian artists, such as Loso, B-Fade, Christ Weaver and more which whom all feed your spirit with music that is honoring to God and live the #E525 life. 
I encourage each of you continue to live that #e525 life and grab one of these artists cd's. 

God Bless

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