That's a word most of us have felt at one point or another. Here is my story, as a child I felt rejected, as a teen I felt rejected, even as an adult I struggle with the feeling of being rejected but the truth of that matter is that it's all apart of life and growing up. How we handle rejection  is what will either be the fall or rise of us. I am currently experiencing how difficult it is for a Christian clothing line to be successful. I have heard the word "NO" more times than I'd ever wanted, but I am confident that if I continue to stay faithful for what God has placed on my heart He will ultimately open new doors while others are shut.  
I thank God for my wife because she brings me back to the realization of life. "God has a timing for everything and your time will come", is what she tells me, and I honestly believe that. Giving up would be the easy thing, staying committed and faithful is difficult but I'm not after the gifts it brings, my mission is to spread the name of Jesus, no matter the cost!  
Whatever you are going through, continue to follow God's will, stay strong and faithful. God's timing is perfect!

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